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35 Questions To Help Kick Off the Home Buying Process

It can be daunting in the first stages of picking and designing your new manufactured home. With so many choices and directions you can go with the design of your new home, we have come up with some questions you should ask yourself to get your wheels turning to figure out exactly what you are looking for in a new manufactured home and what might be REQUIRED in your new home.


You can fill out the form than submit it to us and a sales consultant will contact you OR you can fill it in for your own fun and print it out  then stop by our office and bring the form with you. You don’t have to answer every question, just answer what you know and anything you are unsure of  we can discuss further and figure what is best for you. 


NOTE: These are just some preliminary questions to get the process going. For further information or questions on anything specific, you are welcome to give us a call anytime during business hours and someone would be more than happy to assist you.

Roof Type & Roof Load, if unsure we can decide later.
Another style home not mentioned above.
You will need both to remove the old home hassle free with the state.
*In a F.O.B. sale, the buyer takes ownership of the home once it leaves the factory. By doing so the buyer is responsible for transportation, setup, inspections, and accessory work of the new manufactured home. When Macy Homes does the set up of the home, we take care of everything for you so all the buyer has to do is move in once the project is complete. F.O.B sales are not recommended for those buyers looking for a turn-key project and don’t want the responsibility of finding and managing the contractors during the set-up process.
If no, leave blank
Enter City or general area if no location has been chosen yet.