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Customer Testimonials

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"I want to thank you for your accommodations as you so ably helped us through the design process. You were always kind and conscientious in your responses and we so appreciate all of your help."

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Steven & Jan

''From the home design sessions back in February to the recent walk-through inspection and key transfer it’s been a pleasure to relate to Nicolas. He’s been patient, informative, and kind, and I found it fun just spending time together, despite the fact that the time was often required to iron out obstacles.

''Your company is fortunate to have him as a salesperson and customer service agent.''


''My name is Rhonda, and my mobile home burned down in the 2018 Woolsey fire. It was completely destroyed, and I lost everything! I was lucky enough to stumble onto Macy Homes, and I never looked back. I had the privilege to work directly with Michael Shorr, and he and his team moved heaven and earth to make everything work for me – and in a timely manner. This was no easy task since I had personally lived in 20 places during a big transition time-period.

''Not only did they make sure that I got the house of my dreams, but they also helped me to move in record time. Happily, I have been enjoying my new state-of-the-art dwelling for several months now. The price of my home was reasonable, and also very energy efficient.

''When my new place was completed, I was quite impressed that the President of the Company personally came out to inspect it, along with others on their team. At first, some things needed tweaking, with a few minor adjustments, and Macy took care of this right away. Also, the HOA had strict rules and guideless, and the staff made sure to address all of their issues and requests, and solve various problems.

''I look forward to enjoying many more years in my lovely Silvercrest home. I highly recommend Michael and the team at Macy to make sure that your homeowner dreams become a wonderful reality. As an added benefit, I consider them now to be “family”, and I so admire their “personal” approach. You can count on Macy to deliver – and to even exceed your expectations. I highly recommend them.


''In talking with other folks, Macy Homes continues to be the one referred to get the job done. Your reputation precedes you.''


''Okay, building a new house is not easy. Period. Wether you are doing a stick built home or a pre-fab. Things happen that are out of everyone's control and you need to know that going in. Don't even start the process if you expect instant's not going o happen. Let me tell you my story and why I give Macy Homes a 5 star + review: Last year in May we started talking about a new home. We live in Pacific Palisades with an awesome view. I have lived in this community for over 30 years so I know what I want. I spent weeks designing a new floor plan, and layout for our home across from the beach. Our first hurdle was getting approved for a loan. The owner, Carole connected us with CRM funding and after an exhaustive process CRM found us a loan. Pat and Laura at CRM were great. But without Carole's recommendation we would have never found them. Then came my house design. At first the manufacturer would not even consider my custom layout. Cindy, our awesome sales rep, pushed for my floor plan. Things they never did, they found a way. Long story short we have an amazing home. In fact, it is hard to go to work and now I can't wait to come home. I give Macy's a 5 star because they stood by their word. The first sub-contractor that was hired to oversee our project made so many mistakes that Macy's honored every single price and estimate even though it came in sometimes 4 times the estimated cost! They ended up making zero dollars on our home. The sub-contractor they hired to finish our installation was superb. Excellent work and we have a home that is beyond our dreams. We opted for every upgrade, crown moulding throughout, granite counters, beautiful cabinets, recessed lighting, skylights, coffered ceiling, etc, etc.

''Just remember, sh*t happens, timelines change, go with the flow, you are dealing with a very honorable company and yes, I would do it again in heartbeat! Carole and Cindy are honorable businesswomen and I highly recommend them.''


''We are in the early stages of exploring options to install or build a home on undeveloped land. We stopped by both Macys and Sunshine, and could not have been more impressed with the folks at Macys. They were very knowledgeable about permits, zoning, tax considerations and so much more. On our first visit, the women at Macys walked us through the models on site, left us to browse at our own pace, answered questions and discussed pros and cons with endless patience. We stopped in again (without an appointment), with follow up questions, this time helped by a man who also provided us with details and information specific to our area that we had not been able to find online. These folks were warm and kind and seemed to truly enjoy what they do. I never once felt that they were pressuring me into a sale, or unwilling to answer questions, they both offered up information that went beyond my inquiry. When we are ready to buy, I will most definitely head back to Macys without hesitation.''