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ADUs: AKA Granny Flats

With affordable housing in short supply in California, the State has been looking for alternatives to provide residents with the housing they need but at an affordable price. The solution? Accessory  Dwelling Units, also known as granny flats, in-law suites, or secondary dwellings. 

The concept of ADUs (accessory dwelling units) is nothing new, but rather they had strict restrictions in the past. Many cities/counties in California were not big supporters of second dwellings so they
discouraged building a second dwelling by either not allowing them at all or requiring many steps such as a use permit which involves a public hearing. The steps needed to get the ADU approved where just not worth it for many people. That has all changed now.

California’s idea is to take advantage of these smaller homes and encourage homeowners to build them in their backyards. How so? To go around what restrictions were in place by local city governments, California set a mandate in place stating all cities must let ADUs be built by residents. Though Cities now have to allow ADUs, the State did allow for Cities to have some choice in how ADUs will be built so cities can preserve their community’s unique characteristics. A few of the restrictions a city can choose are square footage, lot size requirement, and set backs from property lines.

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