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Silvercrest MA-07

Why Choose Silvercrest Homes?

Silvercrest has been building personalized manufactured homes since 1969 for home buyers in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. With their factory based in Corona, CA, Silvercrest builds between 200-300 manufactured homes per year using green methods which helps save energy which in turn saves money for the home owner over time. All Silvercrest manufactured homes are built to a higher standard than conventional housing since Silvercrest homes are built indoors, in controlled conditions.

What Product Guarantee Is There?

Silvercrest stands behind the quality of their homes by providing a 7-year warranty for every manufactured home they sell. To learn more about the “SilverShield” 7-year warranty, click here.

How Are Silvercrest Homes Built?

To see for yourself how Silvercrest manufactured homes are built, Silvercrest has created an informational factory tour video. Click here to watch.

What Materials Are Used To Build?

To further understand the materials Silvercrest uses to build their manufactured homes, they have provided a detailed diagram of the materials they used to build their homes. Click here to view the diagram.

Want To Tour A Silvercrest Home?

If you would like to tour a Silvercrest home, we have Silvercrest models on display at both of our locations for you to view. To see pictures of our current Silvercrest lot models, click here.