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Silvercrest Virtual Tours - Kingsbrook Series

Use the instructions below to take the virtual tour:

  • Click anywhere on the video below and the tour will begin to load. Once the tour is loaded, it will automatically take you to the “Dollhouse” view.

  • You can use your curser to zoom in and out and click different areas of the room to move to that specific area of the space. To rotate around the room, click and drag your curser in the direction you want to view.

  • Wherever the blue circle around your curser is placed, is where you will move to when you click your curser. You can also click the white circles placed on the floor in each room to move to that specific area of the room.

  • If you click the little 3D looking box in the bottom left corner, you can “Change view” to view a birds eye view of the “Floor plan” of the home.

  • Lastly, if you click the square in the bottom right corner, you can view the virtual tour in “Full Screen” view to take in the full experience of the tour.

  • If you would prefer a simple video tour of the home instead, click here