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Silvercrest Home Miraculously Survived

Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by the devastating Thomas Fire in December. We are thankful the fire is now 100% contained and those affected can now start to rebuild.

In the wake of the devastation, we have a story of amazement about a home we placed in mid-2016. The Silvercrest manufactured home is located on private property in upper Ojai, directly in the path of destruction of the Thomas Fire. All the neighboring homes in that area burned down but miraculously this Silvercrest home survived. Read the story below and see the pictures of the home after the fire.

“We are fine! The fire surrounded our house. The doormats burned, even a little of the weather seal burned. Some smoke and ash came through those burned spots. The paint got singed. Amazingly our house is here. Neighbors on all sides of us have lost everything! Jerry lost his surfboard collection, a tractor, and hay bailer (they just melted). Of course many plants and trees burned too.

“We feel most grateful that was all. We sure did not wish for an eight-month stay in the horse trailer again. We are very sorry for those that do have to start over. It is very hard! It was nice of you to think of us! We are very thankful!”

~Jerry and Karen G.

P.S. All of their animals are safe and back at home too!

Fence all burned down. Never have wood chips near your house, they were like kindling.

Jerry’s Hay Baler

Tractor. No insurance coverage.

Behind our house, and water lines. We have power back now and phone.

This is what it looked like coming at you. We had to evacuate quickly with the horses at night (no pics that night). I took this pic when we got to my mom's the next day. Still looked pretty ominous.