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Private Property


If you’d like to build a new home on your private property, nothing beats a manufactured home. Home prices in California are high, but it isn’t really the home that appreciates, it’s the land. If you can build a home, for less on land that increases in value over time, that’s a great investment. The total expense will be far less than today’s conventional built home.


Once you have your permits, no conventional house can be built faster. Remember – no need for expensive architects or waiting for materials to be delivered to the site. We have expert contractors who will prepare the foundation and setup the manufactured home so all you need to do is sit back and watch. If you need help obtaining a permit, our expert can help expedite the process. Manufactured homes can be placed on any private property if zoned for building a conventional house.


With experience selling manufactured homes since 1951 and more than 50% of the manufactured homes we sell being placed on private property throughout California, the Macy Homes’ team are specialist in executing any private property project. Come talk to our sales consultants and learn how affordable turning our dream into reality is!