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Manufactured Home Loan Lenders

Macy Homes, Inc. does not recommend or endorse individual lenders. Since many major lenders do not provide manufactured home loans, we are providing you with this list of brokers and lenders who are currently offering financing or financing assistance for manufactured homes in our region. Please take a moment to review any informational materials provided by these lenders, then you may contact those lenders to begin the loan process.

NOTE: Macy Homes only accepts government loans such as FHA or VA loans on a case by case basis. See below for more detail.**

Broker/Lender Home Only Loans Land Only Loans Home & Land Loans Phone Fax Website
CRM Funding YES Broker Broker (805) 656-6141 (805) 644-1127
US Financial Network YES NO YES (949) 661-9044 (949) 661-9002
Lender Home Only Loans Land Only Loans Home & Land Loans Phone Fax Website
Cascade NO NO YES (877) 869-7082 (480) 539-4915
Community West YES NO CALL LENDER (805) 650-1901 (805) 679-6418
Credit Human Federal Credit Union* YES NO NO (877) 475-6852 (877) 475-6866
Guild Mortgage YES YES YES (805) 465-8938 N/A
Manufactured Home Mortgage YES YES YES (916) 861-2292 (916) 638-8265
Montecito Bank & Trust YES YES YES (805) 979-4485 N/A CamarilloBranch@Montecito.Bank
Murphy Bank YES YES YES (805) 250-2300 (805) 787-0415
SESLOC Federal Credit Union NO NO YES (805) 543-1816 (805) 540-7795

* Previously CU Factory Built Lending/Mountainside Financial

**Macy Homes has always taken pride in doing our best to accommodate all home buyers, whether they are a cash buyer or a buyer seeking “home only” or “home and land” financing. However, with the growing number of government requirements placed upon the builder or manufactured home dealer, Macy Homes has decided we will only accept government loan projects on a case by case basis. Government loan requirements have become far too restrictive and monetarily unfavorable for some home buyers, contractors and manufactured home dealers. If you have acquired a government loan or may be considering getting one, we will, with your written permission; discuss with your lender the terms they will require and we will determine if those terms are acceptable to Macy Homes and the involved contractors.

Various government backed loan products have different requirements and some can be quite unforgiving such as the “construction interest reserve account” (CIRA). In some cases the CIRA may be negotiated to extend the term because typically the standard term is four months and for a private property project when considering the time involved to obtain various permits, building of the home, various government required inspections, completing all onsite work including the home as well as all other government required satisfactions – four months from start to finish is unrealistic. When a project goes over the CIRA term it can become quite expensive for the homeowner and we therefore like to make sure the term is adequate to complete the project within the agreed upon parameters. If the lender is willing to satisfactorily negotiate the CIRA term for the benefit of the home buyer(s), retailer/dealer and the contractors involved, Macy Homes will consider the project as viable if all parties involved can also come to an agreement on all other aspects of the project.

These government loan requirements can easily constitute upwards of $25K to $50K in additional costs depending on the specifics of individual projects and to remain competitive, these costs would have to be passed on to the home buyer(s). Furthermore, these government regulations also require the builder or manufactured home dealer to certify that they have expertise in various construction specialty trades, which like many manufactured home dealers, Macy Homes does not and therefore cannot certify that we do.

While Macy Homes always tries to accommodate every buyer and apologize to those we are unable to accommodate, these highly stringent and restrictive government requirements have placed an extreme burden on us that just does not make profitable business sense.

We are hopeful that the future brings less restrictive government regulatory requirements so we can accept all government loans but for now these types of loan products are often far too counter-productive to the affordable manufactured housing industry. While this is a Macy Homes policy, we would like to remind all buyers that we will still gladly work with buyers with more conventional loan products as well as cash.