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34 Questions To Help Kick Off the Home Buying Process

It can be daunting in the first stages of picking and designing your new manufactured home. With so many choices and directions you can go with the design of your new home, we have come up with some questions you should ask yourself to get your wheels turning to figure out exactly what you are looking for in a new manufactured home and what might be REQUIRED in your new home.


To make filling out this form easy, print it out and fill it in. After you’ve completed filling out the form and are ready to take the next sets, stop by our office and bring the form with you.


NOTE: These are just some preliminary questions to get the process going. For further information or questions on anything specific, you are welcome to give us a call anytime during business hours and someone would be more than happy to assist you.

1. Will your home be placed in a mobile home park or private property? (circle one)

Mobile Home Park                Private Property

2. What sized home will your family need?

              # Bedrooms                   # Bathrooms        Other (example: Den)

3. Do you have an idea of what square footage you are looking to get?

                           Square Foorage

4. Are you aware of any home size restrictions for your park space or private land? (circle one)

YES        NO

If YES, what restrictions?                                        

5. Will your family want both a living room and dinning room? (circle one)

YES        NO

6. Will you need large closets, linen, and storage space? (circle all that apply)

Large Pantry        Island        Microwave Rangehood        Double Oven

High End Refrigerator        Dishwasher        Convenience Pantry

Garbage Disposal        Upgraded Range        Other                                     

8. Will standard appliances be adequate? (circle one)

Standard: White or Black        OR        Upgraded: Stainless Steel

9. Would you prefer a Shower/Bathtub combo or separate Shower and Bathtub? (circle one for each)

Master Bath:        Combo        Or        Separate

Guest Bath(s):        Combo        Or        Separate

10. Is a utility room with washer/dryer, laundry sink, and/or clothes folding area, etc. essential? (circle all that apply)

Side by Side Washer/Dryer        Stackable Washer/Dryer        Laundry Sink

Clothes Folding Counter        Extra Storage        Broom Closet

11. Does your property have a view that you would like to showcase? (circle one)

YES        NO

12. Are you interested in adding lots of natural light through the use of any of the following? (circle all that apply)

Enlarged or Additional Windows        Solar Tubes        Clerestory Windows        Skylights

13. Bedrooms at one end, or would a split arrangement be ideal? (circle one)

Split Bedrooms        Bedrooms At One End

14. What type of flooring will you want? (circle all that apply)

Vinyl        Carpet        Laminate        Linoleum        Vinyl Plank

Ceramic Floor Tile       Install your own flooring after delivery

15. Would you want to upgrade the quality of carpeting and pad in your new home? (circle one)

YES        NO

16. What type of countertops are you interested in? (circle all that apply)

Granite        Corian        Laminate        Quartz

17. Do you want a Fireplace? (circle one)

YES        NO

If YES, what type?        Wood Burning        Gas       

18. Will your home be all electric or will you require natural gas or propane? (circle one)

Electric        Natural Gas        Propane

19. Will you want air conditioning for your home? (circle one)

YES        NO

20. Do you know if standard insulation in floors, ceilings, and walls will be adequate for your needs? (circle one)

YES        NO        Unsure

If NO, please elaborate:                                     

21. Do you plan on installing a roof type other than shingles? (circle one)

YES        NO

If YES, what roof Roof Type and do you know what Roof Load is required? Standard roof load is 20/30 lb.

                            Roof Type                             Roof Load

22. Would you like larger passage doors (such for wheelchair access)? (circle one)

YES        NO

23. What exterior features or accessories would you like? (circle all that apply)

Deck        Patio        Porch        Carport        Garage        Storage Shed

Water Bib(s)        Special Staircase Design        Ramp Up To Enternace


24. What style of home are you looking for? (circle one)

Craftsman        Contemporary        Modern        Ranch


25. What type of foundation will you like to use or required for the home? (circle one)

Tie-down        Permanent        Raised        Pit Set        Skirting        Block

26. Will your home require Fire Sprinklers? (circle one)

YES        NO        UNSURE

27. Will your home need to be WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) Compliant?

YES        NO        UNSURE

28. Are Utility Hookups already at the site?

YES        NO

29. Is there an old home currently on the site that will need to be removed?

YES        NO

30. What is your monetary budget for the entire project (include price of new home, permits, transportation, and set up)?


31. How do you plan on paying for this home? (circle one)

CASH        LOAN        OTHER                                     

32. Will you be getting the permits yourself or would you want to hire a permit processor?

Yourself        Permit Processor        Unsure

33. Will you be having Macy Homes install/set-up the home or will this be a F.O.B. sale? * (circle one)

Macy Homes Set-Up        F.O.B. Sale

*In a F.O.B. sale, the buyer takes ownership of the home once it leaves the factory. By doing so the buyer is responsible for transportation, setup, inspections, and accessory work of the new manufactured home. When Macy Homes does the set up of the home, we take care of everything for you so all the buyer has to do is move in once the project is complete. F.O.B sales are not recommended for those buyers looking for a turn-key project and don’t want the responsibility of finding and managing the contractors during the set-up process.

34. If you are removing an old mobile home from the site, do you have the Original Title AND Registration Card? (circle all that apply)

Orignial Title        Registration Card