Sampling of Floor Plans

Each of our factories, Silvercrest and Redman, offer a very large selection of floor plans to choose from. Below is a sampling of some of the floor plans you can choose from. All of these floor plans can be customized and enlarged/shortened to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and lot size. These floor plans will give you a great idea of what home design possibilities are out there for your new home. And again these are just a few of the most popular designs. If you would like a different layout or larger/smaller home, we have those too!

To learn more about each of our manufacturers and see more exterior and interior pictures of the these floor plans, clcik on the links below!

Silvercrest       Redman Homes

NOTE: When you click on a floor plan it may take a few seconds to display the new page.

"featured" homes are those that are either new designs or top selling floor plans at the factory.