Mobile v.s. Manufactured v.s. Modular Homes

by Erin Marketing

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When searching for a new home, there are a lot of terms for different home types. Most understand what a conventional, site built home is. When it comes to more affordable housing options, the terms mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes are used, often interchangeably which can get confusing. 

Mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are technically all mobile or movable but each has different degrees of mobility. Visually manufactured and modular homes once placed, can be mistaken for site built homes. And modular homes are technically manufactured in a factory but not the same as a manufactured home. Below we’ve broken down the differences in mobile, manufactured, and modular homes because there are major differences between all 3 of those types of homes. Not just how they are built but what building codes they must meet and inspections needed.

Below is the summarized version of the differances. For an in depth explaination, click here for our full article. 

To summarize how mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are different, here is an easy chart.

Type of Home

Where Built  

Building Code

Where Placed





No longer built

Very Budget Friendly



Federal HUD Code

Where zoned for living 

Budget Friendly



Local Building Code

Where zoned for living

Cheaper Than Site Built Homes