Looking for a large home?

by Erin Marketing

modular homes for sale Silvercrest Homes Manor Series

Are you looking for a large home to fit the whole family but still have plenty of room to socialize and have guest over? You're in luck! Silvercrest Homes has their "Manor" series of homes. The Manor homes are 2,500+ Sq.Ft. 

The Silvercrest Manor series homes have some premium features that Silvercrest's other home series do not offer. Below are some of the key features that make the Manor series a higher-end home:

  • Thicker 2x6 exterior walls

  • Higher-rated insulation

  • Taller ceiling height (vaulted with 8' sidewalls, though there is the option for 9' or 10' flat ceilings)

  • Attractive exterior design options that look more like a site-built house

To see all the floor plans in the Silvercrest Manor series, click here

manufactured housing near me Silvercrest Manor Series